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Arcserve Tape Backup Software
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Arcserve Tape Backup Software



Business Continuity. Data Archiving. Regulatory Compliance.

In business, evolution is constant. Staff grows. New offices spring up. New applications are being implemented, and typically, you're the one on the hook to make sure that your data is always protected.

Arcserve Backup goes beyond backup, giving businesses highly reliable data protection with centralized management that makes sense, no matter how complex your data or its infrastructure is. Arcserve backup offers all this at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Significantly reduce your backup storage and regain precious time with a comprehensive solution that combines data deduplication; integrated backup copy to public cloud storage; granular restore of applications such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint; infrastructure visualization; and archiving-for both physical and virtual servers in a single package.

As organizations are challenged with managing increasingly vast volumes of information from new applications, versions and growing numbers of virtualized servers, there is a new emphasis on improving data management efficiency. With Arcserve Backup, organizations have access to easy-to-use tools that reduce management time, and innovative technology that makes data protection simple.


Arcserve Backup has extensive management features that work together to help reduce the time that you spend managing your backups. In this way, it provides "enterpriseclass" functionality no matter how simple or complex your data or your IT infrastructure is. Arcserve Backup helps you quickly prepare for, respond to and recover from the disasters and disruptions that would otherwise threaten the integrity and reliability of your core business operations.

The Arcserve Advantage

Arcserve Backup offers superior functionality for businesses of every size and type that need to protect the data that they rely on each day. In this way, Arcserve Backup helps to ensure that the data that your organization creates is protected and recoverable following a disaster or disruption. Moreover, Arcserve Backup is a core component of the larger Arcserve Family of Products- providing you with the full continuum of data protection and available technologies to help meet all your data needs.

You'll be surprised at how much we can do for you

We make managing your environment easy with a dashboard feature that shows you the status of your physical and virtual servers, storage and connectivity at a glance. We help you to avoid unplanned downtime as well as reduce your backup storage requirements with threshold alert settings and built-in data deduplication. We also display your environment in a simple network diagram to help you understand how everything is being protected and provide reports that you can send to your management and auditors showing the status of your data protection.

Arcserve Backup supports Windows, UNIX and Linux environments. Its modular architecture enables you to start small and grow as you need to, adding modules to provide additional levels of protection without having to learn a new product or buy another solution.

Cover your bases with proven tape backup software

Cover your bases with proven tape backup software

We've been doing tape backup for more than 20 years-and we know how to do it right.

Arcserve Backup will help you simply and cost-effectively:

  • Manage more data in more locations
  • Reduce long-term data storage costs
  • Copy data off-site and to the cloud for disaster recovery and data archiving
  • Monitor systems to actively prevent unacceptable downtime or data loss
  • Ensure faster, more granular data recovery in the event of an unplanned outage

The fact is we're so good at this, we could do it with our eyes shut and hands tied behind our backs.

Enjoy leisurely lunches, supported by enterprise-class functionality

Reduce the time you spend managing your data backups. How?

Arcserve Backup is truly high performance tape backup software. Loaded with enterprise-class functionality, it's optimized to support your data protection architecture, including:

  • Robust data security measures
  • Data deduplication
  • Centralized management
  • Powerful data storage resource management (SRM) reporting
  • Granular restore for physical and virtual servers

Arcserve Backup is the most secure, reliable, efficient, and powerful tape backup software solution on the market, helping you drive efficiencies and manage data loss risk.


Arcserve Backup delivers a host of core capabilities, including:

Integrated data deduplication improve the economics of backup and recovery by enabling longer retention periods, providing a cost-effective means of reducing storage, protecting critical data and integrating, configuring and managing data deduplication in the existing backup environment.

Virtualizing servers with confidence incorporate sophisticated backup and recovery functionality into vmware, microsoft hyper-v and citrix xenserver virtualization technologies-easing management and mitigating the risk of data loss on virtualized servers.

Granular application recovery quickly restore individual application objects from active directory, microsoft exchange, microsoft sql server and microsoft sharepoint applications speeding recovery.

Infrastructure visualization simplify system management with an easy-to-read network diagram view of your entire environment. The diagram includes all of the servers, storage and other devices, showing how they relate to each other and to the Arcserve backup media server(s). Easy drilldown on each component offers status, backup methodology and other key information to reduce management time.

Dashboard with storage resource manager (srm) reporting proactively avoid downtime with graphical insight into your backup environment to monitor the status of all backup activities, find the nodes that are taking the longest, locate backed-up data, discover whether data is encrypted and ready for disaster recovery and track volume, disk and memory usage on each of your production servers.

Centralized management and administration reduce management time and help to provide faster responses by enabling it administrators to manage, modify and control backup and restore jobs, media devices, activity logs, alerts, catalogs, product licensing and reports from a single point that spans local and remote servers and locations.

Unix/linux data movers for storage area network (san)-based backups provide faster, more efficient backups and restores for databases and file systems on unix and linux servers while also providing centralized management, reporting and licensing for all servers via the Arcserve backup media server.

Advanced backup and restore support protect your business-critical applications with specific agents-including microsoft sql server, exchange server and sharepoint, oracle, lotus domino, sap r/3 and sybase-and help to ensure data integrity by protecting the transaction log, archive log, journal files and all associated data.

Flexible backup methods use high-performance, non-disruptive backup and restore operations that help to meet the specific needs of your mission-critical information and data assets. These include backup to disk, backup to tape, diskto- disk-to-tape (d2d2t) backup, disk-to-disk-to-cloud (d2d2c) backup, virtual tape library (vtl) and microsoft volume shadow copy service snapshot support, hardware snapshot support, multiplexing and multi-streaming. All of these work in concert to protect your data, help you to recover quickly and to meet your service-level agreements (slas) for recovery point objectives (rpos) and recovery time objectives (rtos).

Wide area network (wan) bandwidth-optimized remote office backups eliminate tapes from remote offices by replicating remote office data to your central data center and perform non-disruptive replica server backups-helping you to better utilize your existing backup resources.

Smart restore capability provide reliable recovery by redirecting restore jobs to other media containing the same data without any manual intervention, reducing the chances that errors will negatively affect your recovery processes.

Flexible deployment available as individual components, modules based on server type and packages based on capacity to meet your specific needs and purchasing requirements, making it incredibly easy to buy and manage your licenses.

Archiving reduce backup windows, network traffic and storage management costs by archiving data to disk, tape or the cloud. This is important to manage the growing volumes of data while reducing the drain on your physical resources, prolonging your infrastructure investment.

Integrated backup copy to cloud storage easily take advantage of cloud services as part of a d2d2c backup policy for remote, off-site protection, archiving or additional storage capacity. It enables the flexibility of cloud services for your data protection and helps you to take advantage of operational budget instead of capital budget for your storage needs.

Synthetic full backup reduce recovery time and complexity by providing a "full" backup picture to recover from, eliminating the tedious process of restoring multiple backups to recover to a specific point in time. This is important because it results in less downtime, a more reliable recovery process and reduced it resource time.

Migrate Arcserve d2d backups to tape via the Arcserve backup console storing data on tape is a requirement for many businesses that need to keep data long-term and/or off-site for future reference or recovery. You can easily clone Arcserve d2d backups to tape media, catalog with Arcserve backup and enable recovery via the Arcserve backup console with a single point of management.

New Features in CA ARCserve r16.5

Now you can protect the latest Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 workstation environments

  • Take full advantage of enhanced data integrity, availability, and scalability offered by Windows Resilient File System (ReFS) and achieve comprehensive data protection.
  • Virtualize with Hyper-V v3.0 and feel confident that your data is protected. Protect the cost-savings benefits you achieved by virtualizing in the first place with a single solution for both physical and virtual servers. And you can run at the hypervisor level for single-pass backup of all Hyper-V VMs.
  • Protect NTFS Deduplicated primary volumes using either optimized or non-optimized backup methods and still achieve granular file-level recovery. Migration to cloud is also supported.
  • Take advantage of more flexible and resilient storage virtualization capabilities with Windows Storage Space knowing your data is protected.
  • Protect remote volumes with distributed VSS support. You get application-consistent backups of applications that store files on UNC paths.
  • New application support includes: application-consistent full/differential/incremental backup and restore of Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013. You get both database and granular object-level recovery.
  • Efficiently store large files on storage devices using 4KB sectors while achieving comprehensive data protection.
  • Use LTO6 devices that support faster drives to speed backup and recovery as part of your strategy.
  • Leverage the flexibility and cost-savings a public cloud provides with expanded cloud support for backup migration to Microsoft Windows Azure, Fujitsu Global Cloud and Eucalyptus 3.0 and 3.1 based clouds. Amazon Web Services (S3) continues to be supported.
  • Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) support means administrators can manage SNMP alerts directly from the SCOM console helping improve IT productivity. You can also print trouble tickets on 64-bit Windows operating systems.
  • Speed backup and gain flexibility with improved large device library support. Now you get better performance when using large tape libraries that contain thousands of mail-slots.
  • Gain flexibility and optimize performance when backing up VMware virtual machines (VMs) using CA ARCserve Backup VM Agent by selecting the most efficient transport mode for your IT environment. Select from Default, NBDSSL, SAN, NBD, and HOTADD where the Default mode lets the VMware VDDK select the available transport mode.
  • Speed and ease backup of your VMware servers with new host-based, agentless backup for Windows VMs. Offers both RAW and file-level backups with VM-level recovery without impacting VM processing.


Arcserve Backup Deployment

Arcserve Backup Deployment


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