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SaaS Backup - Seat Commitment Promo
Commit to a number of seats to be added by the 30th June 2023, and benefit now from a discounted price per seat per month

OneXafe Promotion

Promotional Details:

Arcserve’s SaaS Backup solution boasts the most robust cloud-to-cloud protection available, keeping all your customers critical SaaS data safe.

Commit and add 100 new seats or more in SaaS Backup by 30th June 2023, and only pay per month starting now!

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Click here to register your commitment with us and one of our team member will revert back to you with the approval
  2. Arcserve will audit seat count on June 30, 2023.
  3. MSPs who reached their commit of adding 100 new seats will have their per-seat per-month price locked in going forward. Monthly invoice will then be set to a minimum of 100 seats.
  4. MSPs who don’t reach their committed number of seats, the June 2023 invoice (and subsequent invoices) will revert back to their previous pricing per seat per month.
Please Note: All Prices are Inclusive of GST

Please contact our Sales team to avail this promo

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