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OneXafe Promotion

Promotional Details:

Customers who purchase Arcserve UDP Software with 1 or 3 years of maintenance; get Premium for free and secure your backup data on tape with Arcserve Backup!

All purchases must be registered with our Sales team and must include the promotion code FOC_TapeBU_with_UDPAdv.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Applies to new and existing customers for any new or incremental purchases.
  2. All deals must be qualified, validated and approved by the DataProtectWorks Sales team.
  3. Renewals are excluded from this promotion.
  4. Deals must be registered using promotion code FOC_TapeBU_with_UDPAdv and closed between 1st April 2023 and 30th June 2023. Distributors must include FOC_TapeBU_with_UDPAdv when placing an order.
  5. No additional discount can be applied, nor can this Promotion be combined with any other promotions.
  6. Product(s) purchased under this Promotion may only be purchased for a single customer.
  7. This promotion cannot be applied to existing customers for renewed transactions.
  8. Recommended pricing may apply when a renewal is due upon expiration of the purchased term for licenses or subscription purchases.
  9. All other products and options which do not form part of this Promotion should be purchased at suggested prices.
  10. No returns will be accepted for deals qualified for this Promotion after such deals have been accepted and processed by DataProtectWorks.
  11. Duplicate deals will be disqualified from this Promotion.
  12. Partner is responsible for all shipping fees, taxes, and other fees applicable
  13. DataProtectWorks reserves the right at any time to terminate, extend, or modify the Promotion, any benefit, or eligibility requirements in any way with or without cause and without notice.
  14. DataProtectWorks reserves the right to exclude any participants that it deems do not meet the Promotion requirements or whose conduct violates the spirit of the Promotion. DataProtectWorks’s decision regarding eligibility for participation in this Promotion shall be final and conclusive.
Please Note: All Prices are Inclusive of GST

Please contact our Sales team to avail this promo

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